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My Philosophy

Intentional Living of the Gospel

People are often surprised to learn that Spain is the least-evangelized Spanish-speaking country. Though historically considered a Catholic country, Spain’s religious atmosphere is giving way to atheistic and agnostic beliefs. Many Spanish people have never met a true believer, and have a false perception of what the Christian life truly is. My desire, by the grace of God, is to live a life that is a God-focused and Gospel-centered, and to be a living testimony of Christ to the spiritually lost people of Spain.

Meaningful Relationship Building

Relationship building is a key part to sharing the gospel in Spain for a couple of reasons. 1—Many Spaniards see the emptiness in Catholicism, yet would consider any other religion a cult. 2—The culture is very relationship oriented. Handing out tracts or invites to church don’t produce much fruit. They must see the consistent intentional living of the Gospel in your own life to be convinced that what you are offering is life-changing Truth. Relationships in Spain take time and patience.

Purposeful Immersion into the Culture

It is easy to go into a country and continue being American. But what Spaniards need to see are American missionaries who care to know and learn about them, their culture, and what is important to them. Showing interest in their culture and customs, and the way they speak Spanish ought to be an important part of missionary immersion in Spain. We are not just offering an American religion to them, but a relationship with the Creator of the Universe who died for everyone. They won’t care about what we are offering to them until they know we care about them.

Deliberate Disciple Making

The Great Commission not only commands us to go, teach, and baptize, but also says “teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” This is my burden; that believers would truly know God, know and rightly apply His Word. I am amazed at the accusation in Acts 17:6 every time I read it, “these that have turned the world upside down”. I believe this is what God wants for His children even today. While Jesus was on earth He didn’t just call men to associate with Him in name, but He taught them to be Christ-like imitators. It is my desire that those we see come to Christ not only call themselves Christians, but that they become true followers of Christ in word and in deed.

Indigenization of the Local Church

As part of a church-planting team, it is our desire to see the churches that the Lord allows us to establish be led by Spanish nationals. We do not desire that any part of the church be American, but that it fit with Spanish culture as much as is Biblical. We desire to see nationals trained, and churches graduated from missionary status, so that they can reach their own people with the Gospel.