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October Ministry Update

Posted on Monday, October 2, 2017 in Ministry Updates, Prayer Letters

I realize it has been longer than usual since my last update went out, and I didn’t want too much more time to go by without taking time to say thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. I know I say this often–but it is so true–I couldn’t do ministry in Spain without you, and I am grateful for the time and resources that you share with me.

Return from Spain

I left Spain on August 25th, and was able to spend about 10 days in the U.K., and Ireland visiting with friends and missionaries. It was a fun, but not at all restful trip (just the way I like my visits to new countries!), that showed me how much more I want to see of the British Isles. I am thankful for the opportunities that God gives to not only see new places, but also make new friends and be encouraged through seeing His work around the globe.

September was a bit of a blur as I got resettled in at my parent’s house. I was a bit discouraged at first that I hadn’t been able to schedule meetings during the month, but realized that even that was a gift from God when we found out my grandmother’s cancer had spread, and she has been placed on hospice care. It has been good to be home and be able to help out, even in small ways, while I haven’t had to worry about travel. Please pray for my grandmother to be comfortable, and for opportunities that this may afford for gospel conversations with unsaved family and friends.

What’s Next?

My current schedule has me mostly in Michigan, and I am praying that the Lord would provide the remaining (about 18%) needed support from my home state. Please pray for new churches, and even individuals, who would have a desire to partner with me as the Lord allows me to take the gospel to Spain.

As you may remember, I am praying that the Lord would allow me to reach 100% soon so that I can be back in Spain by mid to late January 2018. I am eager to see God provide so that I can get back to Spain and get involved in the ministries that God has waiting for me there.

Thank you for your part in taking the gospel to the Spanish people!

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