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April Update

Posted on Friday, April 28, 2017 in Ministry Updates, Prayer Letters

Return To Spain

I’m thankful that we have a good and loving God to whom we can pray. I am thankful that He, in His sovereignty, does and gives what is best for us, and what will ultimately bring Him glory. That doesn’t mean that I always understand how or why He is working, but I trust that He is.

If you have been reading my updates, you know that my prayer was to have all of my support in time to return to Spain soon. God has worked and provided for me to return as planned on May 24th, but I am not yet fully supported. Therefore, I will be coming back in early September to continue raising the remainder of the financial support that I need to return to full-time ministry in Spain.

There are a variety of ministry opportunities that I will be able to be involved with this summer, and am looking forward to helping my coworkers. My time in Spain will also help me be able to keep my residency status there.


  • God allowing this summer’s trip to Spain.

  • The Lord has allowed me to make some connections with new pastors and churches, as well as reconnect with some others that may result in some meetings this fall.

  • Encouragement through God’s Word and fellowship at a recent Women’s Prayer Conference.

  • New monthly support and one-time gifts that have been given.

Prayer Opportunities:

  • Since my last update many have asked what my specific financial needs are. I want to share that with you for two reasons: 1) so that those of you who are praying with me can do so more specifically, and 2) for those who may have a desire to give financially but have never considered becoming an individual supporter. I am still in need of just over $1000 more per month before I can return full-time to Spain. That may sound a bit overwhelming (trust me, I know!), but God can provide. This need is no surprise to Him, and He already knows when and how all my support will come in.

  • For my trip in May – for safety, and that the Lord would give many opportunities to serve Him and share who He is.

  • I will be working diligently to fill my fall calendar, from mid-September on. Pray the Lord would open doors, and that the majority of what I need can come from churches here in Michigan.

As always, thank you for your faithfulness in prayer and financial support. I am thankful to each of you and grateful to God for giving you a desire to be part of the ministry in Spain.

For His Harvest,

Jodi Harrison

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