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Januray Ministry Update

Posted on Monday, January 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

As you probably know, I am back in the States as I transition from short-term status to career missionary status. Thank you to those of you who prayed for my safe arrival just before Christmas. Though I may have accidentally told a Spanish security officer that my suitcase would explode if it were unzipped (and then quickly explained that I meant because it was so full of stuff, not explosives. . . oops!), I made it home without incident.

It was good to be home for Christmas, and to see family over the holidays. It is also good to be in my sending church and update supporting churches of what God has done over the last 18 months in Spain. I am looking forward to visiting new churches and sharing the ministry in Spain with people who are excited to be part of taking the Gospel to the “uttermost part of the earth”.

Would you continue to pray for the Lord to work so that I can return to Spain on May 24th? Here are some things you can pray for specifically:

  • A full schedule. I am specifically praying that the Lord would fill my April schedule with churches in Michigan that would be able to join my team of prayer and financial supporters.

  • 100% support. I need this to leave in May. (See next request.)

  • Return to Spain on May 24th. To avoid having to reapply for my visa/residency I cannot be out of Spain for more than six months. It will be costly both financially, and time wise to repeat this process. So I am asking the Lord to provide the needed funds in order to return before the deadline.

  • Safety in travel. This month and next I will be in MI, WI, IL, and then driving to FL. I will eventually be back in OH and MI in March and April.

  • Spanish Dinner Parties. For friends interested in hosting their friends for a Spanish meal, and a presentation of my ministry. This was a highlight of deputation for me, as I was able to get to know people who pray for me regularly, and some who were burdened to give one-time or financial gifts towards the ministry in Spain.

  • Church Contacts. Would you pray that the Lord opens doors, and hearts as I contact pastors and churches? Though I love visiting churches and sharing my burden, it mostly never is easy to get to speak to a pastor and schedule a meeting – that’s not a complaint, just a fact. Would you be able and willing to be a connection or reference in your church or with churches you know? Let me know if you are able to be an encouragement in this way.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in prayer support, and for those of you who faithfully give financially. The Lord continues to bless, to provide, and to open doors for opportunities.

I appreciate the part that you take in the ministry that God has given in Spain!

For His Harvest,
Jodi Harrison

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